I Stepped on Poo and Only Discovered It One Month Ago

The song called “똥 밟았네” which literally translates to “I stepped on 💩 ” was released around last year.

I recently found out about it, and now, I can’t get it out of my head.

And what’s not helping me forget it is, even my kid is singing the first line over and over.

Na, na, na, na

What’s not to love?

A guy starting out the song slow, passing the baton to a frustrated woman, then to an old lady who is then followed by a small kid. The song comes to an end with a group dance by the neighborhood.

The gist of the song is that the day was going really good for them… only for their streak of good luck to be ended with another kind of streak under their shoes.

They’re literally dancing the whole video with (presumable) dog doodoo around them.

The funny lyrics are made funnier with the super flashy moves the characters use, made popular by famous KPop songs.

They’re dancing from different angles, drone shots, all the works.

The dance moves were put in after the director’s daughter helped.

Kinda like back when animator Glen Keane used his son Max as an inspiration for Tarzan’s tree-surfing.

An excerpt

For how much I consume YouTube, I was oblivious to all this.

It was last month, an ad popped up where cartoon characters were dancing all fancy in the toilet stalls angrily singing about constipation.

Fascinated, I looked it up, and now I have one more idea for a blog post.

Oh my

They’re now… KP💩 💩p Stars. Yep. With a double 💩 💩 . Helping you pass through troubled times.


I’m behind the times.

I really gotta stay ahead of the poop.

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