Having a Safety Net Does WONDERS for One’s Mental and Financial Health

Alternative title: thank you very much, Mr. Ramsey.

It’s been over three years since I discovered Dave Ramsey and his baby steps.

Like most people who are new to him, I was up to my neck in debt, could see no way out and was panicking every waking moment of my life.

I don’t actually remember how I discovered the man, but it could be that the YouTube algorithm sent it my way, as I was already following a lot of financial channels there.

His baby steps method consists of 7 steps, which per him, have to be followed to the T.

Seven Steps to Building Wealth

The baby steps have made lots of “Baby Steps Millionaires”.

These past past years, I was lucky to be able to land an okay paying job.

With the income management, and some budgeting, the debt has been finally erased.

When I worked back then, I worked with a fear that if I lost my job — my only source of income, I would be on the streets.

The stupid bank calling me, texting thinly veiled threats also didn’t help soothe any worries.

After my debt was paid, (Dave’s step two) I didn’t do the I’m debt-free scream, and went straight to step three.

Then I quit.

Both my job, and the baby steps.

I took my dad’s advice, took a loooong time off, then started looking for another job when I felt ready.

Looking back, I think I might’ve taken too long of a time off! 😅

I’m happy to report my current job is very flexible with it’s hours, the pay is so-so.

Me being in this state has nothing to do with my current job.

It all comes down to the safety net in the form of my savings.

If I don’t like my current job, I can give in my 2 weeks notice, without worrying what I’m going to fall back on.

Saving is good, and little by little, I’ll start investing.

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