Another Round of Musical Chairs

I hear on the announcement that the train was approaching; I started running up the stairs to get to my platform.

A lady was struggling with her suitcase so I just blurted out, “May I help you?”

“Thank you,” she says and we take the handle and rush upstairs.

Only problem is, she’s the one letting me carry it all.

I look back, she’s… I don’t know what the hell she’s doing, and I can already hear the train screeching to a halt.

Fucking hell.

I’m almost all the way up, might as well carry the dumb thing.

She catches up to me, thanks me.

No problem, it was all MY pleasure ^^

It’s not crowded, but no seats at the same time.

I hone my empty chair Nostradamus skills, and stand where I think an empty seat will appear.

That’s how I use my power of positive thinking; my manifestation…

I guess the Law of Attraction works on others as well.

After every stop, these old ahjummas have begun to circle my line of expected seats.

My goodness!

As the seated passengers get off one by one, I see them lunge at the seats.

Do I join them?

Ask them what the hell, I was here first?

Well, whatever.

I take my weary legs and go to the opposite seat line.

Lo, and behold!

I gots me one seat!

Right next to the door, even.

All this excitement before my body has even woken up properly, it’s not good at my age.

Now my stop has arrived.

Then come back now to see my crazy lady walking to the station with two walking sticks.

This day hasn’t even begun yet…

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