TBD: Hol’ Up, Hol’ Up, Hol’ Up, Hol’ Up Li’l B, Sit Down

Being friendly is nice.

I like when people are friendly to me, I like when they can banter.

And I like it even more when they’re joking and being a little mean.

It makes me feel like we’re super close and secure in ourselves to be so easygoing.

But things said in jest, they’re also the truth, just hidden behind a veil of laughter.

The previous team leader at the place I work at, Ave, was a really friendly amiable guy. Amicable?

All of us were working, for the money, of course.

Finding someone on the same boat, working towards the same goal, I was very happy to work alongside my comrade in arms.

I looked up to him as a sort of a mentor, he had advice to give out, I listened and had fun learning alongside him.

All of us worked our butts off; I had no qualms about the people there shirking work.

Everyone picked up their own weight in the team.

Business was always booming, always super busy.

We found time to chat every now and then though.

On one of those occasions, he told of his career back some years ago.

He was working in a fancy hotel as a manager, and still working upwards.

He was single, he could afford go work as long as he wanted, and he did.

He decided that the time to eat was time wasted, so just went about gulping as much coffee as he could and filled up on ramen noodles.

According to him, it didn’t happen slowly.

He woke up one day to find his left side paralyzed.

His left eye was shut, he couldn’t move his left hand, nothing that side worked.

He goes to the doctor, who diagnosed him with Bell’s palsy.

He didn’t get an exact recovery date, but he recovered.

He spoke with such a hatred for that time, in his own words — the strong minded, independent Ave, was reduced to taping his one eye shut with the help of someone, just so he could go sleep.

I felt bad hearing that story, and then he went, “Just like I was then, you are like that now.”

“Yes, in some time, you will be the one getting Bell’s palsy!”

Uh, hahaha, that’s a weirdly funny way of ending a sad story.

It was only after months of him berating me constantly, picking on and complaining about my errors in front of everyone, it dawned on me that he was half joking with his comment back then.

He hadn’t changed, it was just me refusing to believe about how he felt about me.

When people show you who they are, just believe it and accept it.

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