Vague Responses Vs. Clear Ones

When talking about my kid, there’s a question I’m always asked —

“So, are you going to have another one soon?

I have an answer that is on autopilot.

“Don’t know, we’ll see…”

My real answer is, I don’t know if I am at the place I can be okay having another one.

An acquaintance told me, “If you want more, just have more. God will take care of the rest!”

Then another person chimed in, “If you just keep waiting, you’ll not be able to have any in a few years. You’ll be too old.. You’re 31 now, right?”

Shout out to my peeps for your concern, and also alleviating my fears about the future.

Answers are what you make of them, what you decide you want your reality to be.

If I feel that I am not okay, there are a hundred mini mantras going around unconsciously in me and ultimately I end up actually being not okay.

Derek Sivers, at one point in his life, decided what his financial wealth point was.

Me, on the other hand, while following Dave Ramsey’s baby step number 3, still didn’t feel my savings were enough.

Were I in in Derek’s shoes back at that moment, I still wouldn’t be feeling what he was feeling.

We have but different perspectives.

We’re wired different.

You’ve already decided what your response is, to personal questions you’ve received.

Any response is okay, but know that you also have the luxury of changing your mind.

I’m working towards getting to be at a more comfortable phase, where I can say, with certainty, “More kids? Yes, why not?”

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