Commutes Are Not The Best

I like where I’m living.

The rent is okay, the place is relatively big and wide.

But at the end of my workday, as I’m coming home, I find myself cursing silently at how far everything seems to be.

People love going home, and some even have the energy to go grocery shopping (imagine carrying all that load on top of your weary body!)

Meanwhile, I’m doing all I can to carry myself — one step at a time.

Doing my best to get to my place without collapsing and just laying down on the sweet, inviting ground to sleep.

It was only on one of my days off that something hit me: where I live is the cause of my tiredness.

You see, my house is on a hill.

When I walk to the station, it’s a breeze; I feel like I can get there within seconds.

Because it’s all downhill.

And when I start walking home is when I’m dying because I’m walking up a slope.

The moment I got my answer was a new revelation.

Of course, it didn’t make me hate my job less.

Of course, it didn’t excite me that I was burning calories in secret.

But, I’m a bit more conscious of how I’m feeling and where I am, as I walk home.

Free from my job for the night, and until the next shift starts.

Damn you, steep butt hill!

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