What Good Will Crying Do?

I’m learning the ropes on my current job.

It’s a nice office, the people here seem chill, I see myself working here for a long time.

Except, life isn’t going as planned.

With just 30 something hours logged in — my boss expects me to know everything.

Every mistake that I make is grounds for stopping everyone in their work and calling them over to show how it’s done.

A five minute lecture style.

In my previous job, when things got out of hand and someone started to go off, the boss handled it with one sentence —

“There is no need to start crying.”

Just one of her many one-liners, being the meme factory she is, everyone just couldn’t stop quoting her.

Your honor, I am also guilty of joining in on the fun!

They accepted me at my new job with no experience, so I know it’s going to take quite a bit of time before I get the handle of things.

For now, I can only keep bombarding my bosses and colleagues with questions, making mistakes and apologize (a lot) even though I know it bothers them.

Yes, it bothers me too, seeing how much I suck.

I see only two outcomes for me — either being super good in the long run, or losing my job.

I’m also somewhat thankful that he’s keeping a close eye on my work.

And with a new start and fresh perspective, here I go.

Then he goes again, calling me out front of everyone and starts his rant, “It’s not acceptable that you’re doing it this way, don’t come along and change our system, follow the protocol to a T…”

I pick take note of his corrections, I thank him.

He goes back to his desk, and is still mumbling to himself!

My previous boss pops up in my head and goes, “Why are you crying so much…”

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