The Show “Adults Adopting Adults” Was Just Asking To Be Cancelled

A&E announced back in December 2021 that they were coming up with a 10 episode series of 6 stories delving in the world of Adults Adoption- “Adults Adopting Adults.”

The tagline for the show

The reactions to the show following it’s premiere on January 2022, have been less than favorable.

The storylines show a mix of problematic situations and normal ones, but none have been so attention catching as one particular guy.

The world is his oyster, and his wife Christie, who he has cheated on several times, is just an afterthought.

Breakout star and creepy foster father Danny Huff stole the show with his antics and his famous one-liners such as, “I’m worried I might be physically attracted to her”(referring to his adopted daughter Ileana).

Christie’s expression every time Danny opens his mouth

People were clowning in on Danny, but more so worried for Ileana and apparently the backlash was too much for A&E.

And just like that, the show got cancelled in February, after only a few episodes in.

The Daily Beast was the front runner covering the show, it seems. So, where else better to go, for the final confirming of the show’s cancellation?

The “cancellation” then was corrected to “being taken off streaming.”

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