TDB: Talk About Being In The… “Wrong” Timing?

I’ve only been working part time all my life, breezing past life.

All the hours and responsibilities of full jobs, just less pay. And NO insurance.

But after I finally quit my job at the Mexican restaurant, I decided I wanted to work full time.

All that time “resting” after quitting did nothing to quell my mind about the future and money.

What experience do I even have though? The time that I started working should have been the time to learn…

Well, doesn’t matter.

It’s a new start, I’ll work in the same server position while gunning for bartending and kitchen on the side.

I’ll be such a good worker, they’ll have no choice but to say yes to me.

I walked around my neighborhood and happened to see a “wanted” notice up on a bakery.

Maybe I can learn baking along the way?

I went in, asked for the owner and was asked to have a seat.

A giant came up to me and introduced himself as the boss, Mercy.

He told me about how long he’d been in the business, and how he knows that even though there’s always a shortage of work, there’s a shortage of workers as well.

“I have a 6 day shift available for you, take it or… you know.”, he starts chuckling.

Sure I don’t mind. I’m new, I’ll work and improve then ask for fewer days in some months.

“By the way, we have enough people on the floor, you’re actually being hired for the kitchen.”

Wow, this man seems to work by not giving any care. Or maybe that’s just how the atmosphere is.

“Can you start in a while?”

Uhh, okay…

So I’m introduced around to my new coworkers, they seem welcoming enough.

It was so busy that nobody could think of anything other than to make food and give them out.

My shift ended in two hours (trial period, according to Mercy).

I was glad to have gotten out of that furnace and go home.

I guess this is how a new part of my life begins.

I’m a chef now!



P.S. I would love to hear everyone else’s work related stories. Leave them in the comments or email them to me if you have any to share!

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