Stories From The Dragon’s Bakery: “I Can Push Through With My Ignorance”

The past two years, I’ve been cooking up this story of a really successful eatery, it’s customers and workers. I’ve played around with how to express the idea, and finding no “perfect” way, I’ll for now put it out in a blog post format.

I’m too in love with my idea to let it go vaporize in thin air.

– – –

“I’m dumb; so what?”

The Dragon’s Bakery serves things that Mercy – the boss, the “Dragon” wants.

The place is a bakery with a restaurant connected to it, and a bar at the back. The front eatery is open 24 hours.

He’s not an elite chef, but people find what he cooks up to be tasty. And he’s been in the business since he was very young. All the praise for his food has obviously gone to his head.

He doesn’t particularly care to treat his workers with decency.

And today, it was a particularly taxing shift.

With the summer event going on, the place was sure to make extra profits over the weekend.

So many customers coming through, calling in, making reservations, all the works…

So busy in fact Mercy had hired extra temp workers, and he himself filled in to help out.

“HELP OUT”. But not really.

Mercy shows up at 11 A.M., gets angry that it’s too busy and in a couple of hours, makes a beeline for the bar.

“I can open it now of course, it’s mine, isn’t it?”, he says out loud so his employees can hear.

Ignoring the old fool, the employees are in good spirits. It’s payday after all!

A part-timer, Dyrs goes out during her break and buys peach flavored drinks for all her coworkers.

They thank her, gulp it down quickly and go on about.

No air conditioning; stingy Mercy cares too much for the earth.

Even the poor customers inside are fanning themselves as they eat .

The customers next to the kitchen keep complaining.

Oh, the kitchen staff!

Raster the Head of Kitchen calls out Dyrs and thanks her for buying the drink.

“Dyrs, I really enjoyed that apple drink you bought. Thanks!”

“Hah, you’re welcome! It’s peach though, it even says here – ‘peach-ed to meet chu’ 😖 See?”

Raster raises his brow, takes a long hard look at Dyrs and keeps on.

“Really? Then why did it taste like Apple to me? Why have I been drinking it as apple juice?”

The staffs who heard him just look at each other and shake their head.

– – –

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