Merge Mansion: The Multiverse

For realz, Granny?

I started playing the game because for once I wanted to see a game to its end.

Disney pulled off the Snow White game off the shelves as I was playing it.

I still miss that game.

No closure …

My husband said the same thing happened as he was playing Alice in Wonderland.

Oooh Disney, I shake my fist at you in frustration!

But Merge Mansion doesn’t seem to have an end (at least at the pace I’m playing)

Only for the developers to keep updating and adding on more and more levels to beat.

And I can’t seem to quit!

At the beginning of the Merge Mansion game, I could have sworn the way Maddie, the granddaughter and female protagonist was simply invited to granny’s house or something.

(The comments are bewildered. AND entertained as well.)

And now the ads are getting out of hand, granny is somehow a rooftop walking ninja, an evil mastermind hell bent on protecting her secret.

Was there even any talk of Maddie marrying?

Unless of course , Maddie keeps merging stuff and discovers something 😉

I’ve been playing it for almost 6 months, I don’t see an end.

And I’m only at level 33…

These deceptive ads are retelling the story we’re playing, using the same characters.

Granny’s art keeps getting makeovers to look more and more villain-ey.

What an angelic granny
*Smirk smirk*

And somehow it works.

I love Kathy Bates 😀

Would those multiple storylines make it Mergeverse or maybe Grannyverse?

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