I Hate It When People Wear Fitwear, As If They Even Work Out

The peculiar thing that I noticed about this neighborhood in particular is, there are so many who wear these leggings and shorts and tank tops but they’re only coming to eat at this restaurant.

Get up, get dressed in fitness wear, get out and then return home without any workout done.

As if they even think of going to the gym, I doubt they can even do a push-up.

“Yes, ma’am, Miss Daisy, I agree with you,” I say.

As I’m calling the waitstaff to order another serving of soda.

She looks at me; scans me from head to toe.

Daisy just got into working out and is obsessed with it.

She started when she signed up for a weight loss competition, and she actually won.

I, on the other hand, am not active at all, and really dislike workouts.

And she knows.

Also, I’ve shown up for our lunch date in a track suit.

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