What’s Up With Kids’ Channels Being Bombarded With Ads?

It was an average weekend.

My kid was in the corner playing with his toys, where he was the driver in all of the toy cars that he laid out.

Then he got up to look for me and saw me on my phone.

He then goes, “I’m bored. I want songs, I want TV!”

Overwhelmed by his politeness, a single motherly tear fell from my eye.

I sighed, told him that is not how one asks for things.

After our chat, I turned the TV on. He could sing and dance along to Pororo all he wants, it’s educational. Uhh. Sort of.

The programmes finished, then he’s back to singing along with the ads. 

“Mum! Buy me this, please! Buy me that please!” Wow. 

Why do kids channels even have ads? 

There is the obvious answer, but even with that knowledge I can’t help but feel a bit of disgust.

I grabbed my google shovel and dig just a bit deeper, and now I know of another term – C2B marketing. Another ick.

I take a good look at my boy – red shirt with his Cocomelon melon mascot. Plain pants, and Among Us socks.


I am very comfortable with listening to his demands and tuning them out, and he is very comfortable with throwing a tantrum.

However, he is still a budding communicator. 

He floods me with so many questions all the time, I can actually distract him with a prepared response to one of the many questions he had asked me earlier. 

It could even be the question he asked right before he locked on to wanting the toy/branded snacks. 

Distraction is a great answer. 

What also helps a bit, is experience. 

This is something that’s happened before. 

I’ve bought him things. 

Then I find out that he wanted it just to have it, only to toss it later. 

Instant gratitude is not good for adults, it’s even worse for kids.

If all else fails, saying no also doesn’t hurt. 

He knows he’s getting it later anyways. 

Let’s just hope he doesn’t grow up and become a little Cocofelon committing his Cocofelonies…

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