Levels To Eating Pizza (Or Any Food For That Matter): Level 1~3

I made a 17 layered pizza picture in MediBang 😀

This is my shot at a blog post related to cooking and food 🙂

I love pizza.

Even if I didn’t love it, I would still eat it.

Why? Because it’s pizza!

Okay well, I don’t know where to go from that nonsense so I’ll just jump to the easiest level of pizza consumption:

Level 1 (Easiest And No Effort)

1a. You’re home, your mum orders you one. Yum yum!

1b. Even better , your mum makes you one.

Level 2 (Some Effort 😥)

2a. You order delivery. (Effort comes from opening your wallet)

2b. You order takeout. (Opening your wallet plus having to walk or drive to the pizza place)

Level 3 (Pushing It A Bit There, Pal)

3. Buying frozen pizzas, then having to heat them up.

Next thing you know, I’ll be expected to grow freaking wheat and harvest and grind them up!

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